Kundalini Awakening: Guided Meditation and Chakra Practices for Healing and Unlocking Your Spiritual Power (English Edition) por Mark Madison

September 17, 2019

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Kundalini Awakening: Guided Meditation and Chakra Practices for Healing and Unlocking Your Spiritual Power (English Edition) por Mark  Madison

Titulo del libro: Kundalini Awakening: Guided Meditation and Chakra Practices for Healing and Unlocking Your Spiritual Power (English Edition)

Autor: Mark Madison

Número de páginas: 113 páginas

Fecha de lanzamiento: December 8, 2018

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Are you curious about the phenomenon and mystery of kundalini awakening? Do you want to reach the zenith of life and transformation? Or are you struggling with your own personal power, voice, energy, or happiness? This book is written for you. When you understand the process and reactions that occur during your kundalini awakening, you can enjoy an increasingly spiritual and healthy life.

Imagine that your physical body is a vehicle. It is designed to transport your Spirit on the road of this human experience. Your chakras provide functional support, but kundalini is the gasoline necessary to get your body to enlightenment. With this combination, you have the ability to reach your potential for joy, intellect, and love. 

The path presented here is not designed to speed up your awakening or change your life in a few days. The steps shared in this book are detailed and instructional. They are to help you work through the phases of kundalini awakening on your own timeline. Despite it not being a “magical” fix for the stressors of life, you will feel a positive change almost immediately.

As you navigate this book, you will have step-by-step tools to use as you safely awaken your kundalini. Get ready to support your enlightenment and spiritual power as you practice meditation, breathing techniques, yoga, and chanting.

From the moment you begin this book, you will unveil secrets such as:

  • The tradition of ancient Kundalini practice.
  • The relationship of Vitalism and Alchemy to Kundalini.
  • How your chakras or energy centers play a part in your healing and spiritual journey.
  • Why awakening your Kundalini is vital to your life.
  • The three distinct phases of kundalini awakening and how to recognize them.
  • What to expect during the process of unleashing your primal energy.
  • How breathing and breathing techniques can heal and support your spiritual power.
  • Step-by-step instructions on how to engage your breathing in your daily life for optimal health.
  • A yoga sequence for safe and effective kundalini awakening and ascension.
  • Detailed guides for engaging each major chakra in the kundalini awakening process, including:
    • Guided meditation scripts.
    • Yoga poses and instructions for safe practice.
    • Mantras and chants with translations for supporting and healing each chakra.
  • Additional guided meditation scripts to help heal and unlock your Spirit.
  • And so much more!

It is time take action, learn about the power you have lying in wait inside you, and unleash your spiritual power. Tune into these pages to get you started and keep you centered on your journey. It is time you enjoy this human journey!

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