Triathlon: Winning at 70.3: How To Dominate The Middle Distance (English Edition) por Dan Golding

September 20, 2019

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Triathlon: Winning at 70.3: How To Dominate The Middle Distance (English Edition) por Dan Golding

Titulo del libro: Triathlon: Winning at 70.3: How To Dominate The Middle Distance (English Edition)

Autor: Dan Golding

Número de páginas: 213 páginas

Fecha de lanzamiento: March 26, 2016

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Triathlon: Winning at 70.3 is dedicated to all triathletes who are thinking about stepping up to middle distance. 70.3 Half Ironman training requires quite a different approach to the shorter distances and to be successful, a more professional approach to training is required. Do not set yourself up for failure on race day! Simply doubling Olympic distance training will not work those who do this will struggle. Do NOT be one of these!

This book will give you a specific road map to 70.3 triathlon training and help you properly prepare for your event. It will include race day nutrition strategies, goal setting tips, help you find your ideal race weight, help you train at the right intensity, understand exactly how much fluid to drink, recovery strategies of the pros, strength training strategies that work and much more.

70.3 triathlon is a serious step up and preparation is key. Luckily if you do it right, 70.3 training is something that you can fit into a busy life, get in the best shape of your life and succeed. Remove the guess work and learn what the pros do.

This comprehensive book is specific for 70.3 Half Ironman training and will help you navigate everything you need to know in order to achieve your goals, get maximum training results from each session without it taking over your life.

It will cover:

•Developing a specific 70.3 training plan that will enable you to perform at your best on race day
•Advanced recovery strategies so you can train just as hard the following day
•How to prevent injury and maintain a healthy body
•Learn exactly how much to eat and drink on race day so you avoid costly nutrition mistakes
•Highly effective heart rate training zone methods that will super charge your race results
•Learn the difference between heart rate zone training, power training, perceived exertion and lactate threshold training
•Understand how to look after your bike
•Develop incredible strength in the key muscle groups
•Summon your mental toughness and inner warrior

A personal note from the author:

This book will help you avoid many 70.3 mistakes that many triathletes make. There is a ton more involved that simply doubling Olympic distance training and hoping for the best! 70.3 is by far, my favourite distance and provides incredible challenge, satisfaction and fitness.
This book will give you an insight into the training strategies used by the pros to get super human results in the least amount of time. I have broken down a road map for you to apply these strategies to your own training to get the best performances you are capable of.

Triathlon: Winning at 70.3 is a complete in depth guide, which covers all aspects of training, nutrition and racing.

Grab this book and prepare yourself for incredible performances!

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