Britannia (Veteran of Rome Book 3) (English Edition) par William Kelso

March 19, 2019

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Britannia (Veteran of Rome Book 3) (English Edition) par William Kelso

Titre de livre: Britannia (Veteran of Rome Book 3) (English Edition)

Auteur: William Kelso

Broché: 356 pages

Date de sortie: August 2, 2015

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89 AD. On the island province of Britannia, Rome is strengthening its grip on the populous and fertile south, but in the mountainous-north rebellion, is brewing amongst the restless and unhappy tribes. Led by their druids and a high king claiming a proud lineage, the Brigantes and Caledonian tribes are willing to risk war against the might of the Legions.

At the Roman outpost at Carlisle, Marcus and the 2nd Batavian Auxiliary Cohort, tasked with keeping an eye on the Britons in their district, soon find themselves embroiled in a bloody, cunning and increasingly ruthless insurgency.

Meanwhile in the rapidly Romanizing south, Corbulo, retired veteran of twenty five year’s service with the Twentieth Legion, has finally retired to a comfortable country life. But when a long forgotten acquaintance re-opens a painful episode from his past, Corbulo and his family are forced onto a journey that will eventually lead them towards disaster.

Enslaved by a ruthless merchant and taken north into the wild trackless wastes of Caledonia, Corbulo must escape and try to find out what has happened to his missing wife and daughter. As the trail leads him across southern Britannia and towards the heart of the rebellion, Corbulo will soon find himself forced to make the most terrible choice a father has ever had to make.

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