Felony Tank (Black Gat Books) por Malcolm Braly

August 24, 2019

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Felony Tank (Black Gat Books) por Malcolm Braly

Titulo del libro: Felony Tank (Black Gat Books)

Autor: Malcolm Braly

Número de páginas: 180 páginas

Fecha de lanzamiento: November 15, 2015

ISBN: 1933586915

Editor: Stark House Press

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Páginas: 180 Géneros: 12:FF:Crime & mystery Sinopsis: FELONY TANK  , &ldquo,You ,re just a youngster. What ,re you doing in here?&rdquo, &ldquo,I ,m old enough.&rdquo, &ldquo,Old enough for what?&rdquo, &ldquo,Old enough to take care of myself&rdquo, &ldquo,Kid, no one ,s that old.&rdquo,  , Doug is only seventeen when he hits town. He ,s been on the run for awhile, and thinks he ,s got it all figured out. But when he ,s caught robbing a store, he finds that nothing has prepared him for the felony tank. Lying about his age, he is jailed with the adults, and here he meets Carl, the aging lifer with a steady supply of candy bars, Armando, who cuts first and talks later, Pesco, the big wheel from California, and Billy and his friend Agnes, two small-time hoods with big plans for escape&hellip,_,

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