Street Craft: Guerrilla Gardening / Yarnbombing / Light Graffiti Street Sculpture / and More par Riikka Kuittinen

February 18, 2019

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Street Craft: Guerrilla Gardening / Yarnbombing / Light Graffiti Street Sculpture / and More par Riikka Kuittinen

Titre de livre: Street Craft: Guerrilla Gardening / Yarnbombing / Light Graffiti Street Sculpture / and More

Auteur: Riikka Kuittinen

ISBN: 0500517843

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Street Craft is the next chapter in the story of Street Art. From urban crochet to street sculpture, light projections, miniature installations and more, this book brings together artists whose creations are transforming cities around the world. . Twenty-eight entries each offer a short profile of one artist followed by a first-person reflection on what motivates their creativity, and what creativity!

Frequently thought-provoking, often funny, and at all times non-threatening, Riikka Kuittinen's Street Craft is the definitive guide to a grassroots athletic movement, in every sense of the term. --GQ Magazine

Political, pretty, provocative. --Simple Things

A welcome examination of the street craft moment, showcasing the panache and vigour of its best practitioners. --Embroidery Magazine

From the Inside Flap
An exciting introduction to a new generation of street artists whose spontaneous craft installations are leaving their mark on cities around the world
In the past decade, street art has transformed from a practice carried out by anonymous creators, seen by some as vandalism, into a commercial enterprise and a respectable part of the international art market. One of the richest movements in street art has been the development of an alternative, crafts-based, three-dimensional movement, broadly identified as Street Craft. This new generation of artists is creating uncommissioned, site-specific works employing a range of art and craft techniques, including weaving, crocheting, sculpting, painting, gardening, light installation, and more.

Street Craft brings together twenty-eight different artists from different countries whose work has redefined what street art can be. By diversifying materials and techniques, Street Craft artists are pushing beyond the two-dimensionality of graffiti and mural-painting, many of them using craft techniques to bring inventive beauty to bland urban surroundings. Tasha Lewis's blue butterfly swarms decorate derelict corners of Indianapolis and New York, and Mademoiselle Maurice's origami and lace graffiti beautifies the streets of Paris and Hong Kong. Other artists create sophisticated urban interventions bearing their personal tags, such as the artist SpiderTag, who intertwines sturdy rope and nails to construct abstract graffiti in Madrid, and GorillaLighting, who haunts Berlin's industrial estates with impermanent projections.

Each artist's profile includes project descriptions, artist statements, and a selection of photographs of their work: a document of the vibrant panorama of Street Craft, which, like the art form itself, engages with its audience in new and exciting ways. 250 color illustrations

Riikka Kuittinen is the curator and writer behind the touring exhibition Street Art: Contemporary Prints that originated at the Victoria and Albert Museum, London. She is a contributor to Photomonitor and the editor of the Tosca Photography Fund catalogues.

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